As Above, So Below ~ As Within, So Without  ~ As the Universe, So the Soul

As Above refers to the macrocosm + the cosmos.

As Below is the microcosm + the physical realm.  

What lives within me will manifest into my worldly reality.  

All that exists in this vast Universe is a reflection of what I am made of + vice versa.

The moon is the Universe.  

The mat is the Soul.

The studio is the space for the Alchemy + Magic of adding the parts together.

the moon + the mat

Studio Etiquette + Info

~ Studio doors will be open 15 minutes before class and lock 5 minutes after class begins.

~ We encourage online sign up ahead of time.  Sign into our class schedule through Mind Body here.

~ Please remove your shoes at the front door & keep your personal belongings in the shelves provided.  

~ Metered parking is located in the back of the building and along Cabot & side streets.