meet the teachers

Kathleen Pizzello

It was love at first Uttanasana.  After my first yoga class I knew the practice would transform my life forever.  Without a doubt, yoga has set my heart on fire and it is this passion that I wish to share with the world.

I began my journey of yoga teacher training in 2010 on the mystical Lago Atitlan in Guatemala focusing on Vinyasa, Sadhana, and Shamanic studies.  Soon after that I discovered Anusara and completed another 300 hours of training in alignment based vinyasa yoga.  I recently completed my advanced 300 hour teacher training with Sianna Sherman and Rasa Yoga, a "bhakti fusion of asana, mantra, mudra, pranayama, meditation, chanting, ritual and earth prayer."  My teaching and learning are alive and ever evolving and I hope that my love for the practice inspires others to live their own lives in joy and authenticity.

I am a certified Level 2 AcroYoga teacher, blending the tradition of yoga with the playful practice of acrobatics and the therapeutics of Thai Massage.  I have studied in depth with Sianna Sherman and Ashley Turner as an assistant for their 13 moon mystery school in the priestess tradition—a journey of deep inner work, personal growth, and ancient wisdom. I am a Thai Yoga Massage and Usui Reiki 2 Practitioner.  My intention is to weave all of these teachings into my life and my offerings. My classes offer healing alignment, depth yet lightheartedness, and cultivation of a fearless heart.  My goal is to guide students to a place of freedom in their bodies, minds, and hearts.  It is with immense gratitude that I share this most transformational practice.

Om Namah Shivaya

Amy Bissel

To Amy, yoga is a means of balance, strength, love, and peace of mind; a moving meditation. She believes that the lessons we face in yoga can be applied to everyday life. Expect sequencing designed around safety and alignment, while seamlessly linking breath to movement. These fluid, intentional movements are intended to help students cultivate and deeper mind/body awareness. Amy aims to leave all students, of all-levels, feeling connected, open, and inspired.

She has been teaching since completion of her 200hr certification in 2013, and has since trained with Bec Conant of OmBirths. Through this training, Amy has gained a certification in Prenatal Yoga. Her goal is to empower women to connect to their intuitive understanding of their body, mind, and heart.

Willa Worsfold

I was born in NYC, raised in the Berkshires and schooled in the Midwest, but I found my yoga soul in Chicago. It was there that I first discovered the power of Astanga, the alignment of Iyengar, and the lift of the Universal Style. I’ve been a runner and b-grade player of many sports, and generally your never-sit-still-kinda-gal. Move it or lose it. The practice of yoga asana (poses) combined with practical, non-mystical meditation and approachable yogic philosophy has helped me find peace within my body and my mind. Peace, and Space. The space to heal my chronic back pain from bulging and herniated disks, space within my overused creaking joints, space to sit and breath with more ease, space to observe both the joy and sadness in this life around us – and to recognize the importance of our reactions to the shifts and changes that life can bring. I take joy in exploring multiple styles of yoga and meditation through advanced workshops with Tim Miller, Richard Freeman, Anna Forest, Eion Finn, Jean-Jacques Gabriel, David Magone and Dharma Mittra. I’ve spent endless hours practicing and training with Boston’s David Magone and his PranaVayu style – having completed and assisted in multiple trainings with him as well as meditational studies with the Pranavayu philosophical advisor, Lama Migmar Tseten of the Sakya Institute for Buddhist Studies in Cambridge, MA. I still love to run, and climb and kick or hit things around on various playing fields, I adore traveling (not so keen on flying – ah but there is the work to be done) including leading retreats in Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Italy.  I teach an interesting style of vinyasa yoga that blends creative sequencing with mindful alignment cues, to help students find their strength AND softness upon their mats and in the world. My classes tend to be challenging but accessible, intelligent but entertaining, contemplative but conversational. And I love to accompany each class with practical meditational techniques, refreshing alternative music and poetic meditations. Classes always close with a delicious 10-15 minute guided meditation and savasana. My priority has always been my family – but when the time allows, I enjoy teaching meditation, an advancing practice and yoga teaching trainings in Boston and on the North Shore.

Rachael Duda

Rachael stumbled on a yoga class while living in NYC and working in the hustle of the fashion industry. In a small studio in the East Village, she found peace and refuge, and began the journey back home to her heart. For over a decade she has been dedicated to the path of yoga as a teacher and student. She values yoga as a platform to bring us back into connection with our purpose and service in this world. Rachael began teaching yoga on the island of Puerto Rico in 2008 after completing a 200-hr training with Ashtanga Yoga Puerto Rico. In 2009 she began studying Prana Vinyasa with her teacher, Shiva Rea. She loves the rhythm of vinyasa that brings us to resonance and relationship with the diversity of all that we are, and all that we are a part of. She has refined her skill and knowledge with over 500 hours of training. She weaves this with her experience as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Reiki and Polarity Practitioner, and as an mystic of the heart. Her classes are creative and dynamic, incorporating breath, movement, mudra, meditation, and music for a full-embodied experience. Rachael remains dedicated to supporting social change, healing, and transformation. She is grateful to be part of an incredible yoga community in the North Shore and Boston, spreading the love.

Deana Bacon

Deana entered into the journey of yoga through her enthusiasm for physical, and emotional wellness. As a Holistic Psychotherapist, she embraces the relationship between the mind, body and spirit. Deana’s practice has increased her sense of connection with total being, breath, and movement. The yoga style she teaches is uncomplicated; most influenced by Vinyasa. Students can expect to sweat, and have fun through creative sequences, and deep core work. 

She completed her 200 hour teacher training at South Boston Yoga under the tutelage of David Vendetti and Todd Skoglund. In June of 2014, she completed a program consisting of 500 hours of intensive Vinyasa Yoga Training, with Rolf Gates and Jacqui Bonwell.  She is a registered yoga teacher holding a E-RYT 200 and RYT 500 with Yoga Alliance ( and is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher. Deana has had the privilege of Studying Meditation and Mindfulness with Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh. In addition, Deana completed a seven month intensive training with the #1 Bestselling Expert on the Chakra System, The Charge Activation, by Dr. Anodea Judith

Independent Psychotherapist / Registered Yoga Instructor / Reiki Master

Out beyond ideas of wrongdoing and right-doing, there is a field, I will meet you there. - Rumi 

Chrissy Vaccaro

I began my yoga journey in college, where I discovered Hatha Yoga, and soon thereafter, Alignment-based Vinyasa and Kundalini. After many years of non-committal practice, surfing/swimming/running injuries, and increasingly unsettled and unhealthy feelings of mind and body, I returned to my practice fully open and ready, jumped into my 200 hour Vinyasa training in 2014, and have not regretted the best decision of my life ONCE. Along the way, I have added reiki and therapeutic thai yoga bodywork to my toolbox of modalities, as well.

I adore sharing the practices of yoga, meditation and mindfulness with students, while crafting a full sensory experience that links music, breath, movement AND stillness. I've been playing in bands for almost two decades, so creativity and fun are usually at the top of my list when it comes to sequencing classes, making playlists, and encouraging everyone to uncover their inner rockstar. I also love to share my long-cultivated (since I was a tiny little hedge witch!) connection to the elements, the earth, the sea, and the moon during classes and focus on how our connection to nature not only heals us in mind and body, but integrates our authentic selves into the universe.  We are all rebels seeking to shine our truest selves to the world!   

Sat Nam!

Jill Geriak Burke

Jill is an exercise physiologist, Certified Personal Trainer and a 200 hr Registered Yoga Teacher. She began practicing yoga in 2011 as an addition to her workouts, but soon discovered so much more.  Jill fell in love with the introspective process that yoga ignites through the mind, body, and breath connection. To study the heritage and philosophy of yoga, she traveled to India in January 2017 to complete a 200 hr training at Himalaya Yoga Valley Center in Goa. There she studied the modified Ashtanga series under Lalit Kumar with elements of vinyasa yoga and Iyengar alignment. More recently Jill has also taken to the yin yoga tradition which she studied in 2018 under the direction of Josh Summers in Boston.  Her goal as an instructor is to teach yoga in an authentic and tangible way by guiding individuals through a thoughtfully sequenced practice, focusing on alignment and adding appropriate modifications so students of all levels can feel comfortable and present in their bodies.

Karen Sullivan

My daily mantra used to be “I’m not good enough.”  A vicious, self-fulfilling story that left me deeply depressed and untethered.  My days were spent dodging the fear of yet another panic attack. No one knew. I was masterful in faking a brave face.  I prayed to my angels, who I wasn’t even sure I believed in, for a way out of my own damn head. I was guided to yoga, which practice by practice began to heal me.  I discovered that I was strong. I discovered joy in freedom of movement and the power of my own breath. I learned that I wasn’t alone; that practicing in community and tapping into the beauty of surrounding souls was a healing gift for which I am eternally grateful.

I am a professional teacher with a master’s degree in education. The best teachers are forever students and I’ve learned from the best.  I’ve been practicing yoga since 2004 and completed my 200 hour training with Kat Whitney in 2015. My style is constantly evolving, but I am drawn to a slower, mindful, yet powerful practice.  I enjoy challenging perceived boundaries and playfully exploring the path of possibilities. My current mantra is “You are stronger than you think you are.”

Ali Janavaris

Ali graduated from Kripalu School of Yoga & Health. She earned her 200 hours in Kripalu yoga where she discovered yoga through her search for inner peace. She grew up attending local yoga classes and R&R's at Kripalu. It wasn't until her senior year of college - when she acknowledged an overwhelming feeling of imbalance living inside. This feeling helped her to discover what was important, and that was to deepen her practice. A year after graduating with a BFA, she decided to earn her teaching training, and transition into teaching yoga full-time. This chapter in her life has been about giving – giving back to the universe and appreciating what it has given to her. Yoga has helped her to do this, and has taught her to live her life with purpose and with strength. Her goal is to share the wisdom and power of yoga, meditation, and pranayama with all people. Through this, she aims to support individuals in their journey to discover their true selves. Ali wants to actively be a part of that sharing process by creating a loving, safe, and nurturing environment for her students. Yoga means union; to unite. She aims to unite all people in harmony and peace.

Her gentle flow class is Kripalu-based. Kripalu is a style of yoga that has a meditative approach. There is a strong focus on the breath, and how it connects to movement. Modifications are offered for all levels, and safety is emphasized.

Mary Beth Clancy

I am Meditation teacher and Reiki II level certified through training w Jean Davis and Deana Bacon. My goal in my class offerings and in my life is to enthuse you to build self awareness, self trust and the desire to risk coming out of your comfort zone - even little by little - mind-body, heart and spirit - on and off your mat. I hope you will experience that unique quality of aliveness in yourself that makes you humorous, playful courageous, loving and kind - whole - and more than enough! Welcome home to you! Much love and laughter, Mary Beth

Morgan whaley

I began practicing yoga in college and at first it was a bumpy start. At times I would get frustrated, I didn’t know any of the names of the postures, and poses that were supposed to be restful felt like a lot of work for my body. Luckily, something made me stick with it and after a few more classes, I finally caught on to what this whole "yoga" thing was all about. Yoga brings me back to center when my mind can't settle and helps me re-align with my truest self. It is how I continually find myself when I feel lost and makes me feel free even when life off the mat has me feeling otherwise. 

I am trained in vinyasa yoga with proficiency in restorative, completing my 200 hour training at The Essence of Yoga School with my lovely teachers, Jess Ray, Erica Bornstein and Catie Macken. I am a Reiki II Practitioner and enjoy incorporating reiki into my yoga practice. My classes are sequenced to help others find their own sense of inner freedom and connect to the wild thing that lives within us all. It is my goal to guide students through a practice that feels liberating and accessible for all levels, preferably with fair share of laughter, smiles and space to just let go.