Dynamic, strong, flowing sequences of poses linked with breathe to increase strength, flexibility, and a steady mind. Challenging and liberating. All Levels.

Morning Practice

An evolving journey through mindful movement and stillness that is aimed to guide students towards freedom in the body, mind, and spirit. Begin your day with inspiration.  This class is crafted with a delicious blend of intention setting, powerful vinyasa, and cultivation of a fearless heart.  All levels welcome.


Often described as the "other half" of yoga, in yin, you will hold lengthening poses for 2-5 minutes at a time in a very passive way to repair and maintain the health of the fascia and joints. Yin also works with the meridian system (energy channels in Chinese medicine) to provide an overall feeling of wellness for any seasonal needs.  All levels.

Powerful Flow

Set your week up beautifully with a powerful vinyasa flow designed to reconnect your breath, mind and body.  Cultivate strength + potential through dynamic movement.  Rest in deep Meditative Savasana.  All levels. 


Designed for men + women of all ages and abilities who are interested in learning how enjoyable and beneficial yoga and meditation can be for your body and your mind. 

Steady and Strong.  Fun and Kind.  All Rock and Roll.

All Levels but GREAT for beginners


Gain confidence and find balance in this alignment based vinyasa class for both beginners and seasoned practitioners. Learn and/or reconnect to the essential foundations of your yoga practice. Movement and Connection. No pressure. No judgement. All Levels.

Stretch + Surrender

Experience deep stretch and release throughout the body and the mind. Practice meditative movement and breathwork to create space for healing and self love.

This class will invite you to let go and begin again. Expand your freedom.  Open.  Heal.  Surrender.  All levels.


  Slow, sweet, and relaxing poses held for longer periods of time to allow you to unwind and melt your body and your mind.  All levels.

Gentle Flow

 Gentle + slow.  Move mindfully with breathe to create ease, flexibility, and peace within the body, mind and heart.  End sweetly with restorative postures. Great for beginners. All Levels.

Kundalini Yoga

“The Yoga of Awareness” opens your heart, builds strength, and releases energy located at the base of your spine. Throughout class we will use mantra, mudra, breathe, and meditation to help heal and open up space within you.  Awaken + Liberate.  All Levels.

Candlelight Restore + Reiki

Rest into slow, sweet, and relaxing poses held for longer periods of time to allow you to unwind and melt your body and your mind. Reiki is a gentle method that promotes relaxation and healing. Its many benefits include eliciting the relaxation response, relieving pain, reducing stress, restoring energy, strengthening the immune system, supporting the body’s natural healing system, and promoting well-being. Reiki is a form of energy medicine. It works holistically to bring balance and harmony to the body, mind, and spirit. All levels.


Joseph Pilates developed the Pilates exercise system, originally called Contrology, in the early 20th century with the vision of mind-body fitness integrated into everyday life. Pilates focuses on engaging the mind and body together with exercises that include the whole person. Pilates strengthens the core, improves balance, increases coordination and decreases stress. Pilates also improves flexibility, builds strength, and develops control and endurance in the entire body. The emphasis is on alignment, breathing, and developing a strong core.